Clean Bay Area

CleanBayArea provides seamless “A to Z” approach to surplus equipment liquidation, excess inventory management and e-waste recycling solutions

CleanBayArea provides 100% hassle & charge free “white glove” services within 24 hours upon request.
All their recycling and pick-up services are free for unlimited number of items. They service business and make e-waste recycling as convenient as possible.

With CleanBayArea:
1. Your surplus equipment disposed at NO COST to you such as: R&D, lab, test, measurement, industrial, networking equipment, computers, electronics and IT equipment, with our Complete E-waste Management Solutions.

2. You maximize your return on investment in capital and electronic equipment with our Excess Inventory Management Services.

3. You minimize your costs of facility management with our Surplus Equipment Liquidation Services, which streamlines your operation expenses and allows you to manage the entire assets lifecycle more effectively.

4. You protect your data with our Data Destruction Services. We destroy data on all types of media and provide you with a certificate of destruction.

5. You maximize recovery value on your equipment with our Appraisal of Residual Value Services and we will give you the best remarketing solution.

  • The goal is to protect San Francisco Bay Area environment by managing your surplus equipment and providing you with e-waste recycling services of your unwanted test, electronic, biotech, lab and computer equipment.

It’s easy to do e-waste recycling with CleanBayArea.
Just make a call 408-402-1073 or send an email to schedule a free pickup.

  • The commitment is to prevent e-waste from being sent overseas for processing or “dumped” in landfills or incinerators.
    Most e-waste collected by our company is processed at CleanBayArea for the purpose of creating local jobs.
  • The role is to be an effective environmental leader and an influential authority on environmental impacts.
  • The vision is for a healthy environment that supports a livable and prosperous planet.


Clean Bay

Clean Bay Area is more than just your surplus equipment and e-waste recycling company; they’ve been your neighbor, providing innovative solid e-waste and recycling services for over 10 years. CleanBayArea strives to preserve our planet for the next generation and does not believe in making you pay for being environmentally responsible. Their electronic waste pick-up service is free for all businesses of San Francisco Bay Area. The team is friendly, organized and professional. They take complete care of all your surplus equipment and e-waste recycling needs. They do all the lifting and leave no mess behind.


What they do

CleanBayArea has been providing surplus equipment liquidation and e-waste recycling in San Francisco Bay Area since 2003. Recycle with CleanBayArea and your company will save the environment and receive 50% back on qualified equipment. We pick up of your used electronic, computer, R&D, lab, biotech, test, measurement, FAB and networking equipment same day you call us and provide you with insurance, warranty, certificates of destruction and all the necessary paperwork.


Environmental policy and strategy

Drawing on our knowledge and expertise across our range of environmental services, we work closely with individual clients to shape a strategy that suits their environmental aspirations and objectives, taking account of an organisation’s corporate social responsibilities, public image, legislative obligations, and any associated risks and liabilities.



Whether you’re fresh out of college, or an experienced professional, CleanBayArea is a company where you can cultivate your expertise, use your knowledge to the fullest extent, or re-invent yourself while working on surplus equipment liquidation and e-waste recycling! CleanBayArea’s candidate is an entrepreneurial mindset individual interested in learning about business and gaining exposure to multiple businessfunctions, while gaining valuable experience in the exciting industry ofsurplus equipment liquidation and e-waste recycling. Join us to become a leader in protecting the environment.
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Why it’s so important to be green

According to, the average cell phone user gets a new cell phone every 18 months. In the U.S., we toss more than 100 million cell phones in the trash every year. The EPA reports that over 112,000 computers are discarded every single day, in the U.S. alone. That’s 41.1 million desktops and laptop computers per year. 20 million TVs are trashed in the U.S. every year. Only 13% of electronic waste is disposed and recycled properly.
A recent United Nations report suggests that in some countries, production of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), which includes obsolete mobile phones, computers, and HDTVs, could rise by as much as 500% over the next decade. USA Today projected electronic-waste growth and predicted that by 2014, manufacturers will produce 70 million tons of “e-waste.”

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