Clean Marin is a coalition of environmental organizations that work together to create a litter-free Marin. While each of our organizations may have a different focus, we gladly share our best practices and ideas. We also strongly support each other’s work.

While many of our initially efforts must address the results of litter around us, our shared goals are to develop awareness and educate our population about the negative impact that litter has on our waterways, highways, roads, towns, and neighborhoods.

Since each of our members’ organizations has their own mission to address the impact of litter, please visit their websites to see what they are doing and what you can do to help.

Clean Marin will share its plans, programs and ideas with you from time to time. You are welcome to join us for meetings, which we hold periodically. We will announce them here or you can contact Joan Murray of Clean Mill Valley/Clean Marin at locustmv@pacbell.net.

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