Marin Coastal Cleanup Day 2020

For safety reasons, we don’t have the ability to have large, organized group events at our previously planned sites this year but we’re not letting that stop us from continuing to strive for a Clean Marin! So instead we’re promoting a different, more personal approach.

Protect Your Happy Place!

We’re all staying close to home these days, but we’re still all connected, from our local mountains to our bays and ocean. So why not make beach cleanups start at our own front doors? Trash can travel through storm drains, down creeks, or be blown by the wind into our waterways to become beach pollution.

So this September, grab your family or housemates and clean up your street, park, local creek or shoreline, or anywhere else that makes up your happy place! We may not be able to gather in organized groups, but let’s make this year a big success!

Cleanups are happening every Saturday in September. If Saturdays don’t work for you, don’t let that stop you! You can clean up any day, any time. Report your cleanup by recording data on the CleanSwell app or by completing this form. (You can also use this form to enter the Most Unusual Item Contest.) All cleanups in September will be included as part of Coastal Cleanup Month.

Things to Remember…

  1. Prepare for the day with a reusable bucket, work gloves, litter grabbers, reusable water bottle and sturdy shoes.
  2. Wear face masks and gloves.
  3. Practice social distancing and volunteer only with immediate family and friends.
  4. Do NOT form large groups – remember many small efforts make a big difference.
  5. Record the litter you collect and share it on the Clean Swell app.

Have Fun, Be Safe, and Thanks for Participating!

Previous Marin Coastal Cleanup Day Results

Sites Cleaned: 44
Number of Volunteers in Marin: 1,524
Pounds of Trash Collected: 12,826
Pounds of Recyclable Materials: 1,287
Miles Covered: 131
Sites Cleaned: 47
Number of Volunteers in Marin: 1,444
Pounds of Trash Collected: 9,410
Pounds of Recyclable Materials: 853
Miles Covered: 150
Sites Cleaned: 51
Number of Volunteers in Marin: 1,534
Pounds of Trash Collected: 10,396
Pounds of Recyclable Materials: 1,703
Miles Covered: 150

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