MCSTOPPP: Stormwater Program

Marin’s 11 cities and towns, the County of Marin and the Marin County Flood Control and Water Conservation District began addressing stormwater pollution in the early 90’s. In 1993 they created the Marin Countywide Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program (MCSTOPPP). MCSTOPPP’s goals are to:

  • Prevent stormwater pollution
  • Protect and enhance water quality in creeks, bays, and wetlands
  • Preserve beneficial uses of local waterways
  • Comply with State and Federal regulations

Each MCSTOPPP member agency implements a local stormwater pollution prevention program and funds the countywide MCSTOPPP, which provides for the coordination and consistency of approaches between the local stormwater programs.


Our countywide MCSTOPPP staff implement permit compliance tasks and track stormwater regulations on behalf of the member agencies. We also document local and countywide permit compliance efforts in annual reports to the San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board.  In addition, we provide technical assistance to member agencies and the public, and implement a countywide outreach and education program.


We are administered by the Marin County Flood Control and Water Conservation District and staffed by Marin County Department of Public Works employees. The Marin General Services Authority provides budgetary and programmatic oversight. We work closely with the community through partnerships with citizen groups, school programs, and other agencies.

MCSTOPPP has a wide variety of resources to help reduce potential stormwater pollution sources from activities in our every day lives.

Public Resources – Resources and publications for residents on best practices for a wide variety of common water polluting activities in our everyday lives.

Construction Projects – Information and best practices for individuals engaged in construction projects.

New and Redevelopment Projects – Permit requirements, best practices, and information for planning projects with new and redevelopment post construction stormwater treatment facilities.

Business Resources – A listing of best management practices for Marin County businesses including horse boarding facilities and ownership.

Creeks and Watersheds – Learn more about permitting for creek restoration and repairs, and how you can help protect Marin’s creeks and watersheds.

Eco-Friendly Pest ControlFind helpful information and videos for both home gardeners and professional landscapers on the use of the least toxic practices for effectively managing pests and protecting water quality.

Students and Teachers Information geared towards students and teachers. Find activities, projects and resources to help our creeks and feed further learning exploration.

Horse Owners and BoardingFind helpful guides focusing on caring for the land, managing manure, and giving practical solutions to horse owners on what can be done to help protect the environment.

Duxbury Reef ASBS – Information on special protections of water quality and events at Agate Beach and Duxbury Reef in Bolinas, an area of special biological significance

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