Your actions every day make a difference!

Wrappers, cigarette butts, plastic bits and pieces on the ground…no big deal, right? Wrong! When lots of people throw away small stuff, it becomes a big problem: Litter.

Litter is ugly, costly to clean up, and unhealthy. Litter and cigarette butts get blown by wind and washed down the storm drains where they pollute our waterways.

The answer is so simple: Keep it Clean, Marin!

  • Don’t let it fly! Throw stuff away in the nearest can or bin.
  • Picnic in the park? Pack it out! Leave no litter behind.
  • Can’t can it? If it’s overstuffed, don’t try to cram in one more thing or leave it on the side. If the can is crammed, carry on to the next one.
  • See litter? If it’s safe, pick it up and take care of it.
  • See someone littering? Encourage your friends and family to stop litter in its tracks.

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